Municipal Court

In Tarrant County, only the municipal courts have jurisdiction over class C Misdemeanor crimes. The municipal courts in Tarrant County have jurisdiction over city ordinances related to public safety and health, zoning, and sanitation violations.

Attorneys for Municipal Court in Tarrant County, TX

The attorneys at Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy fight cases in the two Magistrate Courts that operate in the basement of the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center at 401 West Belknap in Fort Worth, Texas.

Class C Misdemeanors Prosecuted in Municipal Court

Punishments for class C misdemeanors are limited to monetary fines.When authorized by code provisions, a city ordinance can result in a fine of up to $2,000. Many class C misdemeanors are for traffic offenses including both moving and nonmoving offenses are filed in municipal court, simple assault, theft and shoplifting charges for a taking less than $50, disorderly conduct, public intoxication and parking restrictions.

The Texas Code of Criminal Procedures allows a defendant to request a jury trial. The range of punishment is limited to a fine. A conviction in the municipal court can be appealed to a county court at law which is often called the "trail de novo."

Warrants Issued in Municipal Court in Fort Worth, TX

The municipal courts in Fort Worth, TX, issue the following kinds of warrants:

  • an alias warrant issued after a failure to appear to answer a class C misdemeanor charge;
  • a capias pro-fine is issued after an individual is assessed a fine but has failed to comply with the court’s orders.

If you fail to appear in court, then the judge can issue a warrant or forfeit any cash or surety bond that has been posted. Your attorney can file a motion to Motion to Withdraw the Warrant so that the case can be reset. 

Juveniles in Municipal Court in Fort Worth, TX

Juveniles can also be prosecuted for class C misdemeanors in municipal court in Fort Worth, TX. Many of these offenses are for alcohol-related citations. In some cases, teenagers between 10 years old and 17 years old charged with a Class C citations can request permission to have their case resolved in Teen Court.

The arraignment for a juvenile case in municipal court is held at the Southwest Municipal Court Facility located at 3741 Southwest Loop 820.

Additional Resources

Municipal Courts in Fort Worth - Visit the website of the City of Fort Worth Municipal Courts to learn more about the warrants issued in the municipal courts, how to clear a warrant, and how to find an outstanding warrant.

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